Friday, October 9, 2009

Home, Sick...

Creaping in since yesterday have been flu symptoms. I am now in bed cuddling up with a glass of Simply Apple Juice.

There are two things that I have discovered in the past two days in between trying to cram a lot of reading in and running to the store balancing a box of Kleenex's, cough drops, and all of the "sick prevention" beverages that I could think of.

1. I have heard many people preach Echinacea tea for when you get sick, so yesterday I drank 4 glasses hoping to nick this sickness before it worsened. I feel like it helped a bit. What is so special about Echinacea?

The Echinacea flower (commonly known as the coneflower looks like this. It is grown primarily in the Midwest. This is a great flower for many people to grow because it is so colorful, and it does have health benefits. Echinacea stimulates the immune system by increasing activity to your white blood cells which help battle viruses and bacteria that may cause sickness. It is also known to treat respiratory illnesses like colds. I also read here to drink Echinacea tea about 2-3 times a day to gain it's benefits. (Looks like the rumors are true!). Coneflower is definately going into my garden this summer!

2. Simply Apple Juice is the best juice!

It is so good and so good for you! It is so natural and isn't caulk full of nasty preservatives and sugars to make the flavor fake. It is made of pure pressed apples. No concentrated stuff. No added sugars. Simply also makes a variety of other juices here! They are a little on the higher price point, but if you are a juice feen or the occasional juicer you must try this! It is like having your very own juiced apples! With their natural sweet taste. The website says it best:

"It isn't like the apple juice you've always known. It doesn't look the like apple juice you've always known. Or taste like it. It tastes like biting into a crisp, juicy, perfectly ripe apple.
Made from 100% pure apple, Simply Apple is never sweetened and never concentrated."

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