Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hey everybody this is my sister Brooke. Hi Brooke. I am very excited because she is coming down to visit today!!! Yay! She's a little goofy, but I think we can keep her around for a while. These are some of the exciting things we are going to be doing:

Zza celebration of taco pizza and guacamole from Joy the Baker (a new foodie that I just discovered!), Movies, the BEST tomato soup OF MY LIFE! (seriously, its really really good - recipe to come), Gouda and pumpernickel bread, board games, and much more!! Don't worry, don't fret. I won't leave you guys out at all! I'll be bringing you some pictures to join in the fun and the recipes to try out!

What are you doing this weekend?? Any exciting food adventures that you are holding back?


  1. Have fun! I wish I was there!!! Love you guys, and bake something for me!!!

  2. We will!! We will be baking some red velvet cupcakes soon!! Check out this recipe ...