Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cookbook oh Cookbook...

I've been recently on the hunt for a new cookbook. The kind that makes me want to get my hands wet, and then before I know it my whole being is in a tub of recipes that I can't wait to taste and share with you all. You know, I want to be eyes deep in food. So, this is it. Well, not it, as in, tada "I've reached the end of the rainbow, now what?" But, this is IT! I ordered this cookbook and I am gripping at my cutting boards waiting for it to come. I am pacing the kitchen with bowls of all sizes in my mits. I can't wait. 
Ok ok, I'll stop scaring you. I'll try to tone down my excitement enough to tell you all about it. It is a cookbook created (recipes, photography, and all) by Heidi Swanson from 101Cookbooks (a fantastic go to site for all of your cooking and baking needs). Super Natural Cooking is  cookbook that is all about cooking whole, natural, non-processed foods. The recipes are vegetarian recipes (for all of you carnivores out there like myself you can usually stick in a chicken leg or some lamb chops here and there) that are made with care for you and care for the planet! Check out the book here and her website here (did I mention that it is in my top 5 go-to cooking pages?!).
Cookbooks are hard for me to purchase because there are so many out there and I am one to judge a book by the cover, but with cooking and baking, most of the time you must see the writer's credential to know if you will like their style of cooking, photography, and their style of writing.

Do you guys have any favorite cookbooks that you have or would like to get soon??

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