Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas day at our house...

Christmas day is here and our family always likes to take the day slow. We usually sleep in, check to see what kind of surprises Santa left with a big cup of coffee to drag us out of bed. And then we sit around the kitchen and visit, listen to music (currently Tom Petty), and cook, prepare, bake, etc... depending on what we have going on and what we are craving. My dad usually gets that look in his eyes and you know that you are in for a kitchen treat.

This morn we decided to counteract all of that sweet that we had yesterday by chopping up some veggies and made Pico De Gallo! One of my mom and my favorites.

These spicy pickled garlic cloves my dad got for Christmas yesterday, and we thought it would be the perfect new ingredient to include in his Pico De Gallo. OH, and it was.

Avocados. Not necessarily in season, but still great to add to this concoction. Only put avocados in what you are consuming or it will all be brown in a couple of days.

Our final result. Delicious, snack to counteract all of the sweet toothing we did and will be continuing today! YUM!

Back to more eating! I hope everyone is enjoying their Holidays!
Merry Christmas!

Pico De Gallo
equal parts:
Green, Yellow, and Red Peppers
Jalapeno (quantity depending on how spicy you want it)
Garlic (we did 8 cloves [our bowl was about 2 gallons])


  1. The PicoDeGallo is wonderful. Great flavor and it totally works for breakfast this morning! Thank you for leaving a left over at our house.

    About the lasagna recipe ~ where it came from ~ I did get it from a friend in AZ whom has a relative with a relative in Italy however, the lasagna recipe did not come from the Italian relative, it came from AZ. The spaghetti sauce recipe came originated in Italy then came to AZ where it was adapted to US ingredients. I woke up thinking about my answer to the lasagna question and realized OH MY GOSH - My Mind/Memory Is Again Getting Scrambled!! Sorry for the misinformation. Hugs V

  2. haha! It tastes wonderful! We froze some for me to munch on back at school. Don't be surprized when you see some of your recipes from your jump drive recipe book on my blog this next semester!