Monday, December 28, 2009

My New Seasonal CookBook!

Since I've been home, my mum and I have been doing some heavy-duty organizing and uncluttering. So heavy-duty, that we have thrown out all of our cooking magazines! I know. This was really hard for both of us to do. So... our solution was to go through all of the magazines (I learned a lot along the way BTW - like how to make homemade ricotta) and rip out all of the recipes I liked. I took these recipes and made my own revised cookbook. And, guess what.... Its arranged by seasons! I'm sure that this is something that is out there already, but it is this new creation that I can't wait to use and add to!

It works perfect with my New Years Resolution (I really don't like New Years resolutions because I like to make them all year long) to eat more seasonally! In doing this I will get to slim my grocery bill, experiment in the garden, and there is a lower chance of the use of nasty chemicals and other unnatural growing.


  1. Erika ~ Making a seasonal cookbook is a great idea (recycling!!). We put a huge stack of cooking magazines in the basement because I couldn't handle throwing them away! One day maybe I will do a cut and paste of the keepers from them. Hugs V

  2. I'll come over and help! I did it the slacker way and just tore out the pages and slid them into protector sheets which I filed in binders! The most difficult part was deciding which recipes to save and which to reject!